Vacation Abridged

The crew, the beach, Summer Daze, seafood, sand, chatter, Piggly Wiggly, glass bottle Coca Cola Classic, great small talk, interesting pointed question talk, sleeping in, swimming, napping, salt water, surfing (sort of), downtown Charleston, massive humidity, sweat, wicker porch furniture, pictures, bugs, copious amounts of bug bites, sand, sunburn, relatively small amounts of drama, much star-gazing, night-time-walking, night-time-talking, pier-strolling, laughing, fun with flashlights, What About Bob? viewing, women with scary eyebrows and men with lazy eyes and starter mullets on infomercials, walkie talkies, flip flops, more sand, one bathroom for seven people, no rain, bottled water, ninjas, making out (not really), sleeping in closets, snoring in closets, semi-dangerous box fans, shrimp and grits, birthdays, apple pie, ensuing fond farewells, future talk, mostly ignored itineraries, free overcooked steak, deep dark secrets coming to light late at night, playing favorites, more sand, and planning an October trip (to the mountains, natch).

Ah… rest.