The Aftermath, The Future

Happy Monday, internet. I’m in that lovely post-vacation, decompressing, answering emails (all 87 of you will be responded to with as much haste as I possess), returning phone calls, writing to-do lists, remembering all the things I forgot to do pre-vacating phase. Oh the joy. I’ve got all sorts of work (HRTWRK, that is) popping up on the horizon… logos, web stuff (I cannot escape it), photography, t-shirts, stickers, etc. Work is good. Being busy is good.

Being busy does not negate the pull towards the left coast, however. I’ve been checking flights and plan on heading out to visit and soak it in for a couple of days some time in the next few weeks. Speaking of which, why the oh-my-dang is it $300+ to fly from Atlanta to San Diego? That’s ridiculous. I can’t fly from one major city to another major city in America for less than that? The lowest fare i’ve found is $278 and that’s from my own little Greenville-Spartanburg, which, if the grand scheme of airports somewhat resembled the ocean, would approximately be the size of a random, microscopic plankton who probably got picked last for kickball. I’m a big fan of the sub-$200 plane ticket, but no one seems to keen to support my fan-ness. Skyway robbery.