Doing Adult-Type Things

And no, when I say “adult” I don’t mean THAT kind of adult, you internet pervert. I mean I just had a meeting with my landlord (I think “landlord” is a hysterical word. It’s pretty dang antiquated, but it’s still sticking around in modern language. I mean… land LORD. That’s just funny stuff, don’t you think, Squire?) to discuss my lease. I can’t believe i’ve been in this house for long enough to begin discussing leases again. At least such negotiations are always a FUN PROCESS, right?

I bottom-lined him with admitting I most likely (definitely) won’t be here in a year, and therefor I couldn’t (wouldn’t) sign another year lease. He’s not keen on a six month lease because the main draw for this house is its proximately to Anderson College and renting it out to students. So… it looks as though Lee and I have a month to decide where to go. In layman’s terms, it’s time for Lee to find a house he likes and let me live there until I move. 

For some reason, I am growing to love being backed into corners and forced to make quick decisions based on my gut feelings/life experiences/etc. It’s great. I feel like i’m living and moving and getting things done this way. The past three months of my life have been a lesson in learning to stop over-analyzing things so much and I assure you it is a welcomed lesson. 

I want to reread Blink. I’m going to the bookstore. Right now.