Worst Vehicle Luck Ever

If they gave an award for stupid things occurring to someone in relation to their vehicle, I think i’d win on the basis of sheer consistency. On the way to play a small gig (as in acoustic, no microphone, no sound system small) for a missions group at The Black Cow Coffeehouse I had a flat tire. For some reason my little plastic bin of various car-related gear (jack, wrenches, tow straps, spare oil, gloves… can you tell I once owned an Isuzu Trooper?) was sitting on my back porch, so after the gig my Dad came to the rescue. 

Round 2 greeted us with the need for jumper cables because I left my lights on while we changed the tire, a span of time apparently too wide for my battery to traverse. At least it was a beautiful night to be changing a tire on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, South Carolina. Bright moon, sparse clouds, starry skies, and an abundance of very loud frogs cheering us on from either side of the road. (Or perhaps trying to pick up girl frogs… i’m not up on my frog lingo).

One day, should I be so lucky as to have another salaried or otherwise high-paying job, I doubt my lifestyle would change all that much. I will always love jeans and t-shirts and flip-flops… but I think I would pony up the dough to drive a vehicle that doesn’t break down so often that I begin to contemplate creating a post category for such sad, sad stories.