Since I Suck Lately…

(And by that I mean i’m finding myself to be a lackluster read of late, I can’t imagine what you must be suffering through, faithful reader… such things pass with time. Thank you for your patience and dedication in this, my time of non-funny). You should go visit Aaron, who redesigned IAAM with a nice, simple, I-love-negative-space layout. He’s got great work, as always and continues to be one of my favorite designers. You should also go visit Ryan because I typically hate reading most personal blogs, but I find his to be one of the best written, most random, insanely funny things i’ve had the pleasure of bookmarking in quite some time. (Maybe not as good as, say, THIS, but still, quite wonderful in its own way).

I have not learned much since I was born, but that has not stopped me from pretending to know things I do not.

You just don’t find gems like that everyday, people.