People Who Should Be Beaten Up

Just on principle… Kenny Chesney, the inventor(s) of low-fat peanut butter, Juliette Lewis, Vince Vaughn in everything except Clay Pigeons, spammers, 98.957% of movie reviewers, Martin Lawrence, Good Charlotte, slow invoicing departments, whoever bought before I could, John Travolta, Dr. Phil and the Oprah he rode in on, anyone at Apple responsible for the lack of tabs in iChat, credit card companies targeting college kids, Ethan Hawke, me in relation to most women, everyone at PETA, girls who wear so much make-up that I could carve “Revlon Barbie” into their cheek, all but about 20 bloggers, Toby Keith, people who think podcasting is revolutionary, and the American health care industry for being able to get away with calling themselves “professionals” yet never having to keep a single appointment on time and, even more horrifying, after keeping us waiting because our lives don’t matter, proving it by accidentally killing more than 100,000 of us every year in hospitals due to preventable negligence.