The Reveal

After much hoopla and waiting, you can finally see pictures of my office workspace on my Flickr page. (As if you care). The objective, yet perceptive Lee and I deliberated for at least two minutes last night, and after we got done flipping out over how good The Island was, we decided that the overall winner of the little contest must be the lovely and talented Miss Casey Pelot for her almost perfect, perhaps-she-has-hidden-cameras-in-my-house-OH-MY-DANG-GET-OUT, borderline-scary description. To wit:

stacks of magazines. yellow post-it notes. G5 + apple display. yellow post-it notes. speakers. desk. chair (which wants to be a herman miller, but isn’t). walls that aren’t white (green?). VW paper weight. more magazines. Kensington Expert Optical Trackball USB Mouse. prints on the wall. and um…coke. caffeine-free if you’re still doing that.

A few things are off, but only by a bit or by circumstance. The VW paperweight was only recently replaced with the “@” symbol (which Google tells us is called an “amphora”) to increase the weight aspect of “paperweight” in light of the recent addition of a box fan for our insanely hot house. The Kensington Expert Optical Trackball USB Mouse, while indeed being a masterful piece of modern technology and a savior of sorts for carpal-tunneling computer nerds, is only absent because I am poor white trash. There are no prints on the wall because I took them down while rearranging the office a few weeks back, and then found out we were moving. And there’s a red Solo cup of caffeine-free Coca Cola Classic somewhere in my office, to be sure, even if it’s missing in the photos. For her amazing guessing/researching skills, Casey wins a hot-off-the-press 8″x10″ print of this photo, on some swank Kodak gloss paper. Congrats for your freakish paranormal abilities.

Bonus points and honorable mentions for: 

Unicorn Princess poster on the wall.

taxidermied polar bear in the corner.

Guns. Lots of guns. And mounted fish.

…seventeen mirrors…

Fun times. And no, Gilmore, there will not be a sequel contest encompassing guessing what my bathroom looks like because honestly, none of you want to know those details.