Drowning in PHP yesterday and today has produced a few results. For instance, I know more about time stamps than I ever wanted to. But you don’t really care about that, do you? You’re just happy to get to see the nifty little calendar headers on the left, right? So be it. All my toil is for you. (And these headers don’t break like the old ones did when you blind people increase your browser’s text size). Many thanks to the super-generous Keegan Jones and Joshua Hynes for fielding some questions and generally being a big help. 

Hynes also hooked me up with some code for easy link-only posts like you see at his site and on the only blog I read everyday, With the inordinate amount of web projects that are coming HRTWRK‘s way lately (like the ensuing full launch for Midtown Fellowship), i’m spending so much time online I want a way to share links without having to go to the trouble of being intentionally witty, entertaining, or articulate. Look for that soon.

By the way, there are a few things around here that aren’t working right, text issues, cut off posts in the archives, and a few other nuisances completely related to my shoddy coding. I’ll try to get all that fixed as quickly as time allows.