Early Morning Thoughts

1. On my way to Chick-Fil-A somewhere around the hour of 6:30am, I began to feel sorry for anyone working outside today because I saw the sun waking up and IT LOOKED PISSED. 

2. I got George Michael’s Freedom 90 stuck in my head sometime between 2:00am and breakfast, and it so decisively lodged its funky self in my brain that I was forced to purchase it from iTunes. And that’s ok, because unless you have no soul, it is impossible to listen to that song and not move your body. 

3. I fought the PHP code, and the PHP code won. More on that later. 

4. I’ve designed 24 different t-shirts in the past 96 hours. Yeesh. 

5. In other news, I fear i’m starting to get comfortable setting up webpages for clients, which i’ve also been doing a lot of lately. I think I might cry. 

6. This is the best thing i’ve found on the internet in weeks. It’s the little things that make me smile. 

7. I think i’ll go to bed now. For a few hours at least. Talk with you soon.