I Will Not Be Defeated

Most of the aforementioned issues should be fixed by this point. That is, unless you are browsing the web with Internet Explorer on a Macintosh, which I don’t fix issues for because it should be punched in its stupid face. If you’re an IE Mac aficionado, you deserve everything you get, up to and including plagues of belligerent locusts spewing forth from your monitor and gnawing you. Please avoid certain death-by-locust by simply downloading Firefox and joining the rest of the modern world in internet-happy-land (which, despite how creepy it sounds at first blush, is actually quite a wonderful place).

I’m having some difficulty with trying to implement the Kottke-esque remaindered links feature. Everytime I insert the code for it, the blog goes into hiding and I get error messages on every subsequent PHP tag after said code. Very annoying. But i’m not giving up. I’m mad now. I’m mad at the inanimate objects (that are behaving exactly like they’re supposed to, even if that behavior stands in direct opposition to how I want them to behave).

Man, i’m such a nerd.