The Luckiest Boy In The World

Huge shoutouts and thanks are in order for Mr. Goforth, who fixed my PHP woes this afternoon. In his own words, when prompted as to the ins and outs of such web-mastery, he simply said, “Yeah, I don’t know how I fixed it. I just put everything where it looked like it was supposed to go.” And that’s just fine with me. Thanks to Hynes and Paul as well, for all their help over the past few days.

I was thinking of doing a tutorial on how to easily make image-based calendar headers, since i’ve gotten a few emails about it already. Would occasional web/Photoshop tutorials be something anyone is interested in? I’m no genius by any means, but most of the stuff I find online is less-than-helpful and generally badly and/or confusingly written. Thoughts?

The link-only posts are working now, but I haven’t had time to get the CSS styled just right. Actually, I haven’t decided what I want them to do yet or how I want them to be formatted, so things will probably change fairly soon in that area. The way they are now, they tend to look like sub posts under the regular posts, which isn’t so much the idea. So Linkfest 05 will be coming to a computer near you soon, but I am going to go have a social life now and hang out with friends.