Corporate Weblogs Are The New Black

According to their site, Weblogs Work is “a BLOG consultancy that helps companies plan, create and manage BLOGs.” First things first, what’s with the caps lock? Secondly, you say:

The simplicity of BLOGs make them influential. Their non-technical nature has allowed mass mainstream audiences to become fully involved wtih [sic] Internet communities for the first time. It’s as if ‘techy’ layer of the web has been removed.”

Right, and since that pesky techy layer is gone now, it makes perfect sense for you to charge corporations $30,000 a year to set-up and maintain such simple, non-technical wonders of the modern web. They go on:

Listing in this psace [sic] is crucial. Not such a radical idea. After all, what type of company isn’t interested in listening to what it’s [sic] customers are saying? But the idea of listening to thousands of real customers [sic] conversations can be daunting for some companies. In fact, it needn’t be. Most companies find it very enlightening, like listening to a massive real time focus group.

You’re going to present yourself as a professional consulting service to corporations and ask them to pay you with (lots of) real money, but you release a site riddled with typos, grammatical mistakes, and utterly confusing jargon? And you have shirts available at CafePress? 

It just doesn’t work for me.