Balancing Act

The move is almost complete. The thrift store folks will be here soon to pick up my beloved couch, a desk, a filing cabinet, an occasionally functioning tv and some odds and ends. The 220 is an empty shell. Gentry the House is rocking and wonderful.

I’ll be moving the computer this afternoon, but the folks at Charter haven’t given me an installation date yet for service at the new residence. I’ve grown to enjoy dropping the phrase, “I’m sorry, but that’s unacceptable.” on people. It’s so shocking to them. Trying to convice people that I make my living via the internet (you know, web cams and the like…. I kid, I kid) and therefor AUGUST 22 would not be a very helpful installation date… that’s been a bit trying. Such is life. All that to say i’m either going to be unplugged for a few days or leaching off someone’s internet connection. 

Wouldn’t you love for me to set my temporary office up in your living room? Of course you would.