This Shouldn’t Be That Difficult

I tried to find a nice, plain metal business card holder in town today. Apparently this task was too much for my beloved small city. Such a thing is too strange to find here. Other things that shouldn’t be so difficult to find:

1. An internet service provider to install service in a timely fashion.

2. Poets on Def Jam Poetry that aren’t pissed about something.

3. Caffeine-free Coca-Cola Classic on sale.

4. Jeans that fit me me off the rack without 2 hours of alterations, various cutting/sewing/gnawing, and bizarre, pseudo-frightening seance rituals to beat them into submission.

5. A decent movie adaptation of the amazing comic backstory and world of Daredevil and Elektra that doesn’t involve crappy actors/actresses, horrible casting decisions, and couture-clad costumes.

6. A local dentist thats takes cash.