On Moving

Now that we’re mostly settled in (housewarming party tonight, kids) and i’ve had some time to think about the past two weeks, here’s a few semi-lucid thoughts on moving:

1. You own more stuff that you think you do.

2. You own more stuff than you did the last time you moved.

3. You still don’t need most of this stuff.

4. Magazines and books are heavy.

5. T-shirts are not, unless you have 600 of them, and then they are.

6. It always takes more time, sweat, stress, cleaning products, trashbags, boxes, and driving than you though it would (back when moving seemed like a fantastically good idea).

7. Thrift stores will come to your house and pick up ALMOST anything. But even the thrifty have their limits.

8. There should most likely be a statute of limitations on how many times you can have a conversation that begins with, “I can’t believe we live here” but we haven’t come anywhere close to it yet.