Brand Promises

I was behind two different vehicles yesterday in traffic that started me thinking on the topic of what, exactly, brands promise with their words; specifically what do their mission statements say? One was a lovely little pink car, Mary Kay sticker intact on the back windshield and one was a U1st unform delivery truck. Opposite ends of the business spectrum so to speak.

Mary Kay’s tag line is “Enriching Women’s Lives” and U1st’s is “Uniforms that enhance America’s business image.” I think one of those brand promises delivers and I think the other one doesn’t. Anyone who knows me well probably realizes the answer and i’ll admit that I don’t really “get” make-up/cosmetics. That being said, I know U1st delivers on their promise. They provide classy uniforms that build a cohesive visual identity for companies by making employees look more professional. So does Mary Kay actually make a woman’s life “fuller, more meaningful, or more rewarding?” Or is it just a clever tag line that really doesn’t mean anything?