Staying Physically Fit In The Office

I’ve realized that working from home doesn’t lend itself to physical activity, as most of my movements are related to alternately typing and/or playing air drums to The Philadelphia Experiment. In an attempt to introduce more physical activity into my work day, i’ve gotten into the habit of sprinting from my desk, down the stairs to the kitchen, and back when retrieving various daily nourishment. These short cardiovascular bursts leave me breathless and energized as I return to my waiting workstation.

For example, when I realize that my supply of Nacho Cheesier Doritos will outlast the can of Coca-Cola Classic i’m consuming, I can now retrieve a replacement cola, thereby maintaining the delicate snack-food/unhealthy-beverage balance, while simultaneously working out my body.

Fitting the quest for physically fitness into your office and workday is easier than it seems. Just be creative. If you work in a highly populated office environment, perhaps you could introduce activites like a game of Tag or Tackle The Man (or Woman) With The Football Fresh Copies. Other office calisthenics might include plyometric training on top of that pesky office printer that always jams, or bookshelf squats on your lunch break. Time yourself on trips from your desk to the bathroom and back. Start an office pool to determine who has the fastest bladder. (But please deduct points for non-hand-washers.) 

The possibilities are endless and after all, isn’t your health worth it?