Ultimate Fanball

I have a theory that wherever two or more males are confined by space, time, and/or boredom, they can (and typically will) create a previously unknown game within five minutes, complete with a scoring system, skill set, and competitive edge. Last night, Lee and I proved this point by creating Ultimate Fanball.

The Ultimate Fanball battleground is my office, a longish room approximately 30’x12′ with a fan in the middle of the ceiling. Opponents line up at opposite ends of the room, one seated and one standing. The fanball itself is a crumpled-up piece of paper which is served into the ceiling fan. Whether by skill or luck, upon service said ball will either return to you or make its way towards your opponent. If the ball returns to you and you catch it, you receive 5 points. If the ball returns to you and you miss it, your opponent receives 5 points. Likewise, if the ball goes to your opponent and they catch it, they receive 5 points. If they miss it, you receive 5 points. In the event of the ball landing in the middle of the room (the Dead Zone), no points are awarded and whoever is least lazy retrieves the ball and serves. First one to 100 wins. 

This is so much better than cage fighting.