Say Hello To My Next Guitar

Well, not yet… but eventually, at least. The guitar in question is Santa Cruz‘s Bob Brozman baritone acoustic and it is B-A-D bad. (For the uninitiated, baritones have a longer scale, higher string tension, and are tuned down a fifth to BEADF#B.)

This is the perfect choice for a few reasons. 1. I’ve had my sights set on a Santa Cruz for a year or so; they play and feel like good 70’s model Martins with a little more life in them. 2. I’ve been playing and writing in standard tuning a lot in the past three months or so (being an open C kind of guy typically) and i’d like a guitar suited for such things in the same way my beloved Lowden is so well-suited for holding down the celtic tunings. 3. I don’t sing high. At all. Ever. I keep my beater acoustic tuned to C# standard as it is, but having another whole step would be niiiice. 4. I like the extra snap that slotted headstocks give your tone, especially on fingerstyle tunes. 5. Did you look at that picture? Oh my dang, what a beautiful instrument.

Now all that stands in my way is saving up $4000 or so. Sweet. I’ll get right on that. In the meantime, back in Reality-ville where I live, I may have to settle for the Alvarez Yairi YB1 baritone for now.