On God’s Will

One of the problems I have always had in trying to discover God’s will through revelation is that it seems to set us up for an abrupt, unpredictable directive…one that must surely be unrelated to any of our present thoughts. It is though we want to believe that God’s will must come like some divine intervention that interrupts everything in our lives to sweep us off to some place we have never been…and never dreamed of going. Maybe in rare cases, but mostly I think that is just wrong. I also think it stems from the false notion that all of our dreams and our pursuits even after being covered with Christ are all inherently carnal, selfish, and ungodly. I will also add that it is handy to have “God told me? on every life decision as it practically releases us from any personal responsibility for the consequences…to us or our families.

There are some tough questions in the world, but concerning the question, “what is the will of God for my life??…trust me, this one isn’t that hard. The best place to start is the exercise of getting in touch with who we really are. What do I love? Who do I love? What can I do? What am I really good at? These are the kinds of questions that help us to dig into who we really are…so that we can discover what we are to do! Yes, the answer, in a very practical and unspiritual sounding way, is that what we are to do is resident in us right now.

Ben Pasley – You Do What You Are