The brothers Mcderment and I are hanging out with our friend Angela in Nashville and doing a whole lot of nothing. I am enjoying vacationing and doing nothing. (With the exception of eating copius amounts of food.)

Two things I don’t understand thus far. One, to everyone who said, “You have to go see The Forty Year-Old Virgin,” I think you owe me the $10.50 (stupid Nashville prices) I parted with to have the pleasure/pain of a few moments of laughing hysterically punctuated by humor that made me want to take a bath right after I exited the movie. Granted, I knew what I was getting into… so I have no one to blame… but seriously, ew. Two, what the heck is up with the local banks called Fifth Third Bank? Their logo is a 5/3 fraction. I mean, isn’t that just 1 and 2/3? And if it is (which it is), isn’t that still a completely stupid name for a bank? You can’t count and you want me to trust you with my money?