The Other Side of In-Between

I’ve called everyone i’m going to call, so for anyone else who says, “I hate it when I find out [insert event or news tidbit here] from your stupid blog instead of from you,” here’s what you need to do… GET OVER IT. Embrace the information age. Don’t take it personally. And if it bothers you that much, stop reading my blog, which solves the problem completely and allows you the freedom to find out all the pertinent information you need directly from me when you see me.

What kind of pertinent information? Oh, I don’t know, things like I’m about to move to Chattanooga (aka The ‘Nooga) to start a new job as a designer with the wonderful people at Tubatomic Studio. What now follows is a series of days full of finishing client work, trying to find some place to live, shuttling back and forth between cities, freaking out, being happy, being anxious and excited, and feeling completely in over my head.

I love my life (sometimes.)