Have It Your Way, Allah

An offended Muslim man is causing Burger King to recall all their ice cream cones because the swirl logo resembles the Arabic inscription for Allah. 

First of all, it really doesn’t; most of the strokes are actually going in the opposite direction, but that’s just me and my design-influenced, love of typography opinon. I don’t see the similarity, especially considering one of the marks has to be SIDEWAYS to even start the argument.

Secondly, the recall isn’t enough to appease and now the man is calling for boycotting. (On a related sidenote, when he says “jihad,” is he really saying he wants to start “a Muslim holy war or spiritual struggle against infidels” with the BK Lounge? That seems… odd.)

And thirdly, before you think it all sounds too ludicrous, my first thought after reading this was “wow… so very Southern Baptist.”