Black Out, Baby

When I got back from lunch, there was this nice “bzzt… spk.. spk… bzzt” noise coming from my shiny computer’s power cable area. I shut it down, restarted, and the bug zapperness continued. I admit to having a minor freakout at that point. Considering my entire workday revolves around the aforementioned shiny hunk of metal… downtime is not a pleasant thought.

So, in pure male fashion, I decided to compartmentalize, go run errands, and not think about it. When I returned to the house, I continued my ignoring of the potential issue by watching Versus which, if you’re in the mood for a futuristic jailbreak, extremely gory, slightly campy, hilariously subtitled, Japanese Yakuza, ensemble, zombies and vampires, sword-fighting, gun-karta-ing, enchanted forest kind of movie experience, is the perfect (if not the ONLY) movie for you.

Then our power flickered on and off for a few minutes, followed by the whole neighborhood blacking out. (Which lacked merit, but made me feel better to know my computer was ok.) It’s a strange sight to see everyone in suburbia emerging from their house at the same time. I half-expected to see alien spaceships on the horizon.

All that to say, we’re rocking the candlelight tonight (in a wholly non-romantic way.)