LOST Season Premiere

If you didn’t watch it, i’m all about spoiling it for you, so stop reading. NOW.

For the rest of you, so hopelessly addicted to this TV show of infinite suspense and gloriousness, didn’t that season premiere kick so much booty? It rocked me. It rolled me. It slightly confused me… but it never lost me. (Sorry.) Here’s a few factoids i’ve culled from my web searching tonight, thus cementing my fanboy status:

When scary, soaking wet Walt starts whispering to Shannon, he’s saying (backwards, no less) “Don’t press the button. No. Button’s Bad.” which makes perfect sense. Only completely not. 

Unless we’re talking about the “execute” button that Desmond, he of underground-dwelling oddness, pushes after he types in the numbers to that fancy Apple IIe looking computer. He also appears to have an unlucky drug problem, since the vials of medicine read “CR 4-81516-23 42” (Stupid numbers.)

Sarah’s head on collision killed a man named Mr. Rutherford, who was most likely Shannon and Boone’s dad, since that’s their last name, too. He was pronounced dead at 8:15am. (Numbers, again. They pop up in a few other places as well.)

Until next week, brotha.