Today’s New Plan

If all goes as planned, a few various nonfunctioning parts and pieces of my truck (little things like the turnsignals and the fan that cools the engine) will be replaced on Monday morning, everything I own (which is minimal) will be packed that afternoon and loaded into a U-Haul trailer, and i’m driving to The ‘Nooga on Tuesday morning (ish) and bidding a slightly bittersweet very fond farewell to the state I love. 

Granted, I don’t have an apartment yet… but I have new friends to stay with and I figure this business of driving back and forth (at the rate of about 7 hours and $100 of gas roundtrip) is a ridiculous waste of time, energy, and funds. Considering that i’m already doing occasional work for Tubatomic and they want me in-house with a quickness, prolonging the moving process is just plain dumb.

My sense of adventure is enjoying my life right now.