Because I Really Need Another Project…

When I move to a new city, I intend to do it up right. Thus, I have something else for you to file under: coming soon.

Last night I had an idea (fancy that) and was born. Think of it as your online guide to almost everything that’s cool in Chattanooga. 

Granted, this will be of little value to you who don’t live in The ‘Nooga (unless you’re just “in” to seeing what other people are doing that you’re not, in which case I think you might need to get out more.) 

However, I have a master plan that consists of making this a city-specific blog for my new town highlighting social activities, food, music, the arts, hangouts, etc. and a possible messageboard for the Nooga-dwellers (got to think of a better name for them/us.) Then a smallish viral sticker campaign in town to spread the word. Then an increase in readership. Then a billboard or two, bringing from hipster obscurity to public consumption. Then selling the whole project for a sizable sum to someone who wants to make money off all my networking and groundwork by watering down the cool factor and trying to convince us what’s cool instead of simply reporting on what’s already cool.

Of course, by that point, I will have moved on to a few new projects, so what does it matter? Viva la commerce.