A few quotes from my friend Justin‘s 3 year old son:

Mommy, why do you run? Why don’t you want to be chubby?

When I get big, i’m going to drive a car, and a plane, and a rocket ship, and a fire engine, and a helicopter, and a gyrocopter. [pause] Mommy, who will design the gyrocopter? Do you design gyrocopters? 

When I get big, can I have my own logo?

I want pita, and hummus, and orange juice, and ice cream, and nachos.

Is heaven really really really really really far away, or is it just a little far away?

Daddy, you’re not very good at using your inside voice.

I know what that rainbow means! The McDonald’s sign looks like a rainbow, and that means McDonald’s is healthy. You were wrong, Mommy. So can I have McDonald’s?

When I get big, will I like coffee and beer?

Can you imagine the blogging that will occur when I have a family of my own? I will post every hysterical thing my children say and they will most likely hate me for it. And you, faithful reader, you will love me for it.