Yeah, no posts this weekend. Deal with it. Love it. I’ve been occupied with life that doesn’t involve ethernet cables.

I’ve been in Chattanooga since Friday afternoon, having hauled most everything via Uhaul through the rain and ridiculous Atlanta traffic and arriving safely in my new town. I went to a fun little shindig on Friday and met lots of folks and witnessed 30 year old men doing keg stands, which, on a scale from 1 to awesome, is a solid pretty dang entertaining. 

We ate dinner on Saturday at Tony’s Pasta Shop in the Bluff View Art District. Tasty outdoor dining goodness. I spent last night with the wonderful Baker family (who’s kind enough to give me a bed to sleep in until I finally procure this elusive apartment) celebrating a birthday (not mine), eating nachos, and playing board games that culminated with the answers to “If you wrote a song for your one true love, what would the title be?” being “Luscious Asian Goddess” and “Kedonk Kedonk.” I’m sitting in the Tubatomic Studio office right now on my first day of work, waiting for a desk.

In short, all is right in the world.