LOST Recap

On the way into work this morning, I tried to concoct some overtly pretentious theory about the Apollo Candy Bars and how Apollo the Sun God represented the “egg of creation” and how he often gave the gift of prophecy to mortals that he loved (like maybe Walt for instance, with all his predicting of the future) or how the actual sun is heated to something like 5,800 Kelvin by the multiple nuclear reactions at its core and that might mirror what’s happening underneath all that concrete in the hatch. 

But I didn’t.

Instead, i’ll settle for this… what the Dharma is up with Ana Lucia Rosa Norah Jonesa? Could someone kill her already? At least smack her in her stupid dictator face? If there was a game, and said game’s winner got to pick which side of the island to be on, I would certainly hope I wasn’t the loser. (Because i’d probably end up DYING like most of the tail section survivors did.) I know Sawyer’s gonna try and get his sway on with her, but seriously, somebody needs to take Norah Jones down a few notches.

And as for Jin speaking English… meh.