Dear Leasing Agents of Chattanooga,

I know this city is hip. I know there must be throngs of hip people moving to it. I know the aforementioned hip people need a hip place to stay in this hip city. And so yes, I understand that it really requires very little effort on your part to do your job, as the average would-be citizen comes to you.

That being said, HOW F&#$%*(&%$@)?:”! HARD IS IT TO CALL ME BACK? 

Honestly, on a personal level, I don’t care that you don’t care. I don’t care that it doesn’t affect your day one bit if I live in the property you represent or if I live in a van (down by the river.) But I do care that the simplest of common courtesies is too much for you to bear. I care that you’re lazy. I care that you seem to live by the mantra “If I ignore the issue, it will go away.” And it bothers me that despite all this, I seemingly have no other option but to put up with your unprofessional, lackadaisical childishness because you control all the available downtown properties that I want to live in.

Annoyed, but also convicted of my own rampant slackerness,