Put On A Suit Jacket, Playa

If you haven’t heard, the NBA is implementing a dress code for its players and there’s quite a ruckus about it. The new code would ban chains, pendants or medallions (read: bling), throwback sports jerseys, sleeveless shirts, etc. and force all players to wear “business casual” while on team or league business. Injured players would be required to wear a suit while sitting on the bench during games.

You can read TIME and ESPN‘s take on it. 

There are of course allegations that the new policy is “anti-hiphop” (read: racist) and many players say they’ll fight it. (One even went so far as to say that maybe they needed a clothing allowance… he makes 7mil a year by the way.)

So, are the multi-millionaire man-children being forced to grow up and look professional or is the NBA out of line?