Your Car Is Ringing

I was thinking of this on the way into work today: it would be handy if every car was outfitted with a built-in cell phone and the cell number was the license plate number (with a state code for each state that functions much like an area code does.) 

This would come in handy in lots of situations. For example, on the way to work this morning I could have simply called the plate number of the van in front of me to tell him that his left back tire was low and in need of some air. Or I could have called the two adorable little white-haired ladies in the very large Oldsmobuick to tell them that they were, in fact, driving on the wrong side of the median in downtown. Or I could call the suit-and-tie-d gentlemen in the Montero in front of me on Broad Street to tell him he should pay attention to the road and not the backside of the girl walking on the sidewalk. 

The possibilities are endless.

Of course, eventually we’d have to deal with getting someone’s vehicle voice mail. And then telemarketers. (And then TARGETED telemarketers. “Mr. Blankenship, we see that you have an Apple sticker on the back of your ’95 Honda Passport… if you turn left at the next light, you’ll find more grrrreeeeat computer deals at Willis’ House of Electronics and Waffles”)