Activities I Engaged In This Weekend

Eating Vietnamese food, sleeping, jumping on a trampoline, sleeping on a trampoline, hiking, exploring, drinking a Pepsi (inadvisable activity… wake up people, Coca Cola Classic is THE DEAL), driving in the mountains, being licked by 7 dogs at the same time, riding four-wheelers around 30+ acres of some gorgeous Tennessee Valley scenery, more hiking, eating at Hardees for the first time in years (inadvisable activity), sleeping, working on illustrations for an upcoming Relevant Books project, watching a YMCA soccer game while simultaneously watching the Blue Angels air show in the distance, playing kickball with (mostly) adults, eating a strange concoction of cheese, popcorn, chicken fingers, croissants, and pink lemonade for dinner, watching Scream 3 (inadvisable activity), and being sore in places that haven’t been sore in years (thank you, four wheeler handlebars and kickball.)

What did you do this weekend?