Why I Love My Dad

My parents were in Nooga yesterday for a quick visit, having been in Nashville for most of the week while my Mom was presenting at a nurse’s conference of some variety. We did lunch downtown and then decided to check out the Bluff View Art District and the Hunter Museum. My mom has arthritis and osteoporosis, so she’s recently taken to using a wheelchair for any place/time where long periods of walking on inclines may be involved. 

Bluff View is, as one could expect, quite hilly, and as we were making our way to the museum, with Dad pushing Mom in the wheelchair up a hill, this little scene played out:

Me: “You want some help?”

Dad: “Nope… this is my dragon.”

Me: [smiling] “Right. Sorry. My bad. I’ll let you slay it. SLAY ON, mighty warrior.”

I love watching him take care of her like that and take such ownership of making sure his wife is his responsibility. It’s nice.