Blah, Blah, Blah

So, work has been a bit busy of late, what with getting ready for the cre824 Webdesign Festival and such. 7 days and counting and there’s still a bit more work to do on my end. The fun part is, I think i’m going to be really happy with the way everything turns out and comes together in the end. Print work, large scale banners, hang tags, t-shirts, posters, and some other little odds and ends. Planning for a festival with attendees is quite the task, but we’re all excited (if not overwhelmed and crazy.)

Thankfully, one of the things i’ve been enjoying about living in Tennessee now is that I can spend Monday-Friday designing and being all computer-y and then disappear into the woods for the weekend. Sunday afternoon was full of playing lumberjack in the woods and I couldn’t have been happier to be there, chainsaw and ax in hand. This weekend i’ll be camping Friday-Sunday. I love the feeling of getting to exist in two different worlds (work and play) especially considering my “work” is making art, so it feels much like play most of the time.

Also, Whiskerino 2005 has been the source of much enjoyment and male bonding and facial hair growing.