State of the Blog…ion

I haven’t been posting/writing as much lately. But you haven’t been commenting either, and you started that loooong before the writing slacked off (due to work… what’s your excuse?) So, we’re even. Or something.

And I generally hate it when bloggers play the “Whhhhaaaa…. nobody comments, nobody loves me, i’m insecure and seek affirmation through strangers from the internet and when I don’t get it I passively aggressively complain in public because i’m a martyr for a cause that doesn’t matter” card, so I hope you don’t take this as such. 

More so this is just a friendly, “Hey, thanks for reading. I’m really busy with work right now, so the lack of posting is more than likely just a phase and/or seasonal thing. Also, feel free to comment so this whole thing doesn’t feel so one-sided on my part.”

Any way you want it, that’s the way you need. Any way you want it.