cre824 Aftermath and Thoughts

I’m still tired. 

We’re working on a site now to show off the winners and competitors of the 24 hour competition. I’m still sorting through photos and i’ll post the remaining ones on Flickr at some point today. I think I shot somewhere around 3000 photos this weekend. (And got to use a Nikon D70, which I was fairly impressed with, even if I am a bit Canon brand loyal.) I’ll also get around to updating HRTWRK with all the print pieces and other various cre824 work sometime this week.

Which brings about a semi-related topic I wanted to get some feedback on. I’ve been thinking a lot this weekend about rethinking my online presence. Since HRTWRK isn’t so much a company anymore (and doesn’t need to be marketed as such, since I have gainful employment) it seems like the most logical step would be to retool into the hub for all my various activities. I suppose that would be something like a splashpage with /blog, /work, /photography, /etc. I think I may end up watering down any chance for a viable personal brand if I keep creating sites and names for every artistic discipline/endeavor I go after.

That would mean beginning to trade on my name instead of some brand name (i.e. HRTWRK), which would conceivably be easier. I haven’t spent much time or money trying to build HRTWRK, so I don’t think i’ll be losing any momentum with the trade-off. I figure at this point, judging from site traffic and Google rankings, i’m about 60/40 “known” online from my name versus HRTWRK.

So, my blog audience, what say you? Bad business move? Good business move? Do you even care?