My Whiskerino Favorites

I gotta say, Whiskerino 2005 has been a joyous little interweb gathering to be a part of. Nerdish male-bonding at its best, combining a few of my favorite things: beard cultivating, creativity, and photography. In celebration of nothing (other than perhaps my late night boredom) I thought i’d post a top ten list of my favorite individual Whiskerino photos thus far. The following list expresses views soley owned by my own bad self and does not necessarily reflect the views of Whiskerino 2005, or its staff, curator, judges, and/or participants. 

In no particular order:

1. Chad Pugh‘s beard is luxurious. (aka the best t-shirt ever.)
2. Herr Neas does his best General Zod.
3. Joey‘s intro. It was sad to see him exit.
4. Paul and his pipe.
5. Sibhod fraternizing with the Whiskerino Judge.
6. Mat and his huge lighter. (Or tiny self?)
7. Mackle gets spiffy in preparation for beard domination.
8. Dave Knapp pipes, points, and makes me laugh.
9. Mason‘s spare tire.
10. Bean. The end.

Here’s to another few months of cultivating and creativity.