Putting Down Roots

I’ve been here in Chattanooga for about 7 weeks. I came here for a variety of reasons, the most-pertinant (to blogging at least) being working as an in-house freelancer for Tubatomic Studio on a trial basis to see if it was a good fit for all parties involved. That was originally a three month trial period, but since it’s apparently all good in the ‘hood, they hired me today.

In addition to that nice news, I move into my new apartment downtown on Saturday afternoon. This means i’ll actually have an address in Nooga and can finally get busy checking off the massive to-do list labeled “Things To Do When You Finally Have An Address.” That list has things like:

2. Go buy furniture and fixings at IKEA 

3. Order checks.

5a. Buy Ryan Hale paintings
5b. Buy Matt Curry paintings

7. Other things I don’t talk about on this blog. (You don’t think I tell you all my secrets, do you?)

In other words, i’ll be a busy boy until the New Year. But a HAPPY busy boy. I need your help with something though. I’m getting Tubatomic business cards soon and around these parts they tend to have three word job title thingies. Think along the lines of “Producer :: Graphics :: Punk” or maybe “Code :: Design :: Peon” (or something that might even actually be real and/or pertinent to me.) 

I tend to hate all the recent hipster job titles (with any of the following words and their ilk: evangelist, architect, archaeologist, agent, guru, minister, champion, etc.) mainly because I think they sound overtly pretentious and sub-mainly because i’m not the guru of much of anything so i’d just be a poser. However, there is something oddly inspiring about fitting titles, even if I do feel like titles are somewhat meaningless. That being said… i’ve got a few ideas in mind, but feel free to interject any word descriptors that you might think are appropriate for me in my role as a designer guy these days. No promises i’ll use them, but I dig opening the comments up to random internet feedback. (Please be nice. I don’t want to walk away wounded. I’m emotionally fragile.)