So I Go To The Movies By Myself

And no, I don’t mean occasionally or when no one else is in town or when my TV is broken. I mean more often than not, when I go to the movies, I go solo. Let’s say 70% of the time, just for quantifying’s sake.

And, having just moved in to an apartment downtown, that percentage may keep climbing considering i’m exactly three blocks up and one block over from The Bijou, an unquestionably crappy theater that i’m already growing to love specifically for its non-sensical layout, small screens, non-stadium seating, and remarkably tasty Coca-Cola Classic. (My only real complaint is that the seats are too close together to get my entire foot and/or leg and/or legs in between the seats in front of me. I’ve yet to find the optimum slouching position for maximum movie-watching and I end up in this half-elevated, lower-limbs-in-traction sort of pose where I tend to toss and turn a bit. I’m sure this annoys the six other people in the theater with me.)

All that to say, in the past two weeks i’ve seen King Kong (****), The Family Stone (***), and Just Friends (****) in solo fashion and it got me thinking:

What do people think of people who go to the movies by themselves? You and your date or group of compadres walks into the theater and there’s THAT GUY sitting somewhat down front and slightly off to one side, munching his small-medium popcorn and sipping his Coke, seemingly unaware that OH CRAP he is out in public alone. 

What do you think about him?