Well, That Hurt

I wish I had a category called Not So Awesome to file this post under.

My G5 froze up today, I tried a few things, and then as a last ditch effort I reinstalled the OS. One of the things I didn’t do (stupid, stupid, stupid) is start-up as a firewire drive and backup the few things I keep on my desktop. I work a lot off an external harddrive (thankfully) but by “the few things I keep on my desktop” I actually mean “roughly 15gb or so of recent work, photos, and files along with 10gb or so of my iTunes library that WENT POOF today.” Apparently, for whatever reasons, when I reinstalled the OS it erased my user login, along with everything related to it (i.e. my desktop and applications folders.) 

It’s gone. POOF. See ya. Eaten by The Nothing. Etc.

I’m currently in the process of reinstalling all my applications, mourning some photos I can’t get back, being mad at myself for being impatient and making a stupid move, wondering at what points over the next few weeks i’ll go “where is that… aw craaaaaaaaaap”, and realizing that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter.

I lost all my email, too, so if you’ve sent me anything important over the past few weeks, please send it again to joshua (at) joshuablankenship.com


* Update 1: all… my… bookmarks. Sigh.

* Update 2: I have NO CLUE what my login for Flickr is. This is sort of commical.

* Update 3: all… my… fonts. I might just make a list and ask for help on this one.