Catholic School Career Day

I was on a panel at Notre Dame High School here in Chattanooga today as a part of their Career Day. Also on the Creative/Practical Arts were an interior/exterior architect, a newspaper features editor, a photographer/designer (who I will spend the next few weeks trying to talk into putting her stuff on Flickr because it is OUTSTANDING), and an interior designer (who designed much of the interiors of Chattanooga’s Bluff View Arts District buildings.) 

It was quite fun, slightly repetitive (I think we had to give our intro speech six times to different groups of students), and a very bizarre flashback to high school. PA announcements, bells, the sound of a hundred students filing down a hallway into between classes… quite strange to relive. (Though Catholic school uniforms were certainly NOT a part of my rural South Carolina school experience.)

I wish I would have known what I wanted to be in high school. I think a few of the kids I talked to today have a pretty good grasp on it and it was cool to see that in people who have so much experience in front of them.