Whenever it’s possible, I try to host any videos I might post on here, that way i’ll have a copy of them and I know the links will always work. So when I posted Birds the other day, I fully expected everyone to love it, because hey, it’s AWESOME and it involves slow motion flying dogs and lasers and honestly, who doesn’t love that combination? 

What I didn’t expect was that my hosted url would get linked on k10k (among others) and passed around the internet. Nor did I expect the onslaught of emails I got from folks who thought that I made the video, which I didn’t (unfortunately.) So, in an attempt to give credit where credit is due, I did this as quickly as possible, which will hopefully send people towards the genius of Pleix, the wonderful folks who made the video and deserve all the credit. 

Viva la FRANCE!

(By the way, all you new folks that stumbled your way here in the past few days, “Ahoy!” Welcome to my little weblog. Feel free to come back. We have fun here (mostly.)