Netflix vs. Blockbuster

I’ve been a Netflix-user for almost two years and have been pretty happy with the results. But interestingly enough, moving to Chattanooga has, for some inexplicable reason, ADDED about a day to the typical wait time for movies for me. This means I actually end up getting on average 6 less movies a month than I was when I lived in SC. Annoying.

I also admit that Blockbuster‘s recent ad blitz is getting me thinking as well. Their three-at-a-time deal is $17.99 (versus Netflix’s $19.65, so that’s $1.66 a month or close to $20 a year in savings.) Plus, you get a free in-store rental every week. 

Considering that I already occasionally hit up Blockbuster for a rental if i’m really in movie mood (and I know Netflix won’t be waiting for me when I get home) it seems like Blockbuster is a much better deal and fit for me.

So why do I feel a sort of loyalty to Netflix?