LOST Recap

I like Sawyer. Maybe it’s just my fondness for con movies/characters in general, but I like him. He’s certainly doing his part to fulfill his own prophecy of being a worthless human. Then again, maybe I like him because I just want to punch most of the characters that are supposedly “good” (Jack, Locke) in the face. They’ve developed such misplaced raging self-righteousness which has, unfortunately, replaced any hopes of being taken seriously as an actual character. Jack’s been a parody of himself for about four or five episodes lately.

It’s odd to me that i’m more drawn to an inherently flawed “bad” (though honest, at least when he’s not conning… if such a state of being exists for him) character than to the “good” characters. I suppose i’ll choose honest depravity over misguided, controlling pseudo-righteousness. I’m sure this says something deep and dark about my personality, but it is far too early in the morning for me to think hard enough to articulate it.

There were also a few nice nods to the obsessed fans, like Ana confusing Steve/Scott and the Bad Twin manuscript Hurley was reading (you can pick it up on Amazon soon. Talk about tie-ins.)

It’s getting soap-opera-ish, but it’s still the only thing worth watching on TV for me.