Ah, Home

I’m back in SC for the weekend to visit with friends, see the family, and attend the first services in NewSpring Church‘s new building. Having worked at NewSpring for two years as an art director and designer and then moving on to other things, it’s always sort of odd to come back and visit. Not bad, just odd. 

It will be even stranger to see their rebranding and identity in full force within the context of the new building. Most of the traces of my artistic influence and design/identity work at NewSpring are long gone by now, which is perhaps a good thing overall. Nevertheless, i’m looking forward to seeing the place where new things can happen for them and more people can get involved in the local church.

By the way, i’m typing this from my parent’s Mac Mini that I got them for Christmas and it is WONDERFUL to not have to come home to a pathetically slow, annoying to use PC. Viva la Apple!