Dear Jason Kottke,

I haven’t written a letter in a while, and internets rumor has it that open letter blog posts are LIKE, OMG SO OUT, but nonetheless:

I really enjoy your website, as do thousands of other visitors every day. As a fellow blogger, i’ve taken a number queues from your site, most notably the remaindered links mentality of seperating hyperlink content from more dense posts.

You’re unique. While you’re one of only a handful of people who, by various means, have managed to support themselves via blogging, you have done so without ads, through the support of your readership’s donations.

The 22nd of this month marks one year of micropatronage. You’ve been self-publishing on the internet for almost 12 months on your reader’s dime(s) and i’m curious to know what the next chapter is for you, for, how you felt the experiment went, etc.

It would make sense for you to answer such things on your blog, and I hope you do so, both as an admiring peer and as a student of internet interpersonal relationships (especially of the reader/writer variety.)