File Under: Sufficiently Rocked Silly

It’s past my bedtime. I just got back from seeing Mute Math at Chattanooga’s own Rhythm & Brews. I’m too frazzled to really provide you with a concert review other than to say it was what’s for awesome. Mute Math. They’re what’s for awesome. 

Some highlights:

  • I was accompanied by the lovely and talented Miss Ragan Baker. I don’t care who you were with tonight, chances are very likely that my partner in rock was cooler. It’s just simple fact, really. Good luck coping with your sub-par friends.
  • Opening band The Working Title was quite enjoyable. Plus, they’re from South Carolina (SC! Shout out!) so I’m immediately partial because we’ve produced about 10 music acts ever worth mentioning. And I know most of them. Personally.
  • Did I mention I saw Mute Math?
  • Would you believe it if I told you they’ve gotten better/tighter since the last time I saw them? I know, I know, it’s crazy talk. But that doesn’t make it any less true, only less believable to the average Joe.
  • The aforementioned venue is three blocks from my apartment. Three blocks. I just WALKED to a fantastic show. I know it’s a bit premature to be making broad-sweeping life statements based on such new data, but I think I just officially ruined myself for living in a non-urban environment. I mean… I can walk to live entertainment venues. Sheesh. That’s like making a meth-addict the quality control supervisor at the Formula 409 plant. (Ouch… too soon? Meth Free Tennessee! Shout out!)
  • The crowd tonight mainly consisted of tiny, tight jean wearin’, spiky and/or swooped (SWwwwoooP!) hair havin’, track jacket sportin’, permanent marker x hands waftin’, pisssing off the bartender because no one was drinkin’, very short (BONUS) enthusiastic youngsters. They were quite endearing.
  • Darren King and Roy Mitchell. What a freaking great rhythm section. In my old age, I am slowly beginning to realize I go to shows and watch the drummer and the bass player. That’s it. The rest of what’s occuring is typically fluff to me. (With some obvious exceptions.) I’m thinking perhaps I should have picked a more rhythmic instrument to learn. Maybe I’ll take drum lessons. Just for kicks (natch.)
  • Note to Self: email Meany. It’s time to do t-shirts for them.
  • Go support some live music, kids.