So I Promise I’ve Been Working

Long story short, I haven’t really updated HRTWRK with any actual work since I moved to Chattanooga a few months ago to take a job with Tubatomic Studio. Which is not to say that I haven’t been doing work, because I have. In addition to the various websites I’m designing and occasionally programming at The Tub, I’ve been getting to do a lot of personal and professional work I’m passionate about… namely becoming a better illustrator and (to a lesser extent) photographer. I have other (non-portfolio) plans for HRTWRK, as a brand and a domain, that will occur before the summer’s over. You’ll like it. Promise.

That being said, you can now find my portfolio of work here. It’s still a quick, temporary design, but I wanted to get something online. It features some photography, logos, illustrations, t-shirts, lots of various pieces from the cre824 Webdesign Festival, and a series of three posters that will be printed and available for purchase soon. 

Enjoy browsing. 

P.S. Unless you’re viewing it in Safari, it’s probably styled wrong (or not at all.) I haven’t had time to troubleshoot IE and Firefox yet. Bear with me, please.